Top 8 Things to eat in Berlin

Berlin Burger International BBI NeuköllnRather than boring you with yet another Top 10 Best Restaurants list, I’ve decided to let you know the Top 10 things you should eat while you’re in Berlin. You know the deal: someone suggests their favorite restaurant in Berlin (or any other place), you show up there and end up rather disappointed by the place and/or the meal. The next time you talk to the person who suggested the place, they’ll tell you ‘well of course, instead of getting ‘dish A’ you should have gone for ‘dish B”. To avoid this disappointment, I will tell you exactly what to order at which place. Also included is a price range, from budget ($) to expensive ($$$), where you can find the place, and their website. Enjoy this Top 10 list of the best things to eat in Berlin!

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7 Things to Eat & Drink In Boston Now

I liken living in New York City to being trapped in a cocoon surrounded by a force field. There’s so much to eat and drink in the metropolis that it’s tough to break out. Weeks and months pass before residents escape the city limits.

This brings us to Boston. It had been too long since my wife and I had driven the 220 miles north, so we decided to spend a weekend diving face-first into the city’s food and drink scene. Here’s how we happily came back five pounds heavier.

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Top 7 Foods in Bangkok

1. Guay Tiew Moo (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวหมู)

Good kratiem jeaw (fried garlic) alone can go a long way. But this noodle stall takes it to a whole new level. The noodles here are everything they should be, cooked to perfection—chewy, not too soggy and stewed in the most fragrant kratiem jeaw we’ve tried. The other ingredients are pretty special, too, and not just the fishballs, either; we’re addicted to the tender moo ghon (shredded pork) and tasty entrails. The best bowl (B30) is the haeng (without soup) version. Do call ahead for directions as their soi has no name.
Rama 4 Rd. (next to Tai Tang Duan Rama 4 Junction), 02-249-7316. Open daily 8am-3pm

2. Gai Ping (ไก่ปิ้ง)

Sat on the corner of this soi, Jae Cherry grills up big chunky chicken skewers (B10), marinated in rich spices and cooked to perfection. The golden brown meat is more tender on the inside than any other grilled chicken we’ve tried. It’s pointless trying to stop at just one, while the accompanying dipping sauce is totally delicious with a nice balance of spicy, salty and sour.
Charoenkrung Soi 103/1, 080-595-8449. Open daily 5-7pm.

3. Guay Tiew Pla (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวปลา)

This slightly hard-to-find stall is worth the effort for its must-try fishballs. They’re light yet tasty, delightfully melt-in-the-mouth but not soggy. They’re loaded with fish without being overly pungent and go beautifully with the noodles. Just like other great stalls, be sure to call ahead as they run out very quickly.
Soi Phraya Singhaseni, Rama 4 Rd., 02-215-2165, 086-555-1262. MRT Hua Lamphong. Open daily 7am-3pm

4. Gade Ocha (เกตุโอชา)

It may be out on the edge of Bangkok, but many foodies rank Gade Ocha as one of the best guay tiew nuea (beef noodles, B50) joints in town. There is a great richness and stickiness to their beef broth and the nuea toon is, of course, really tender and flavorful.
200 meters from the beginning of Pattanakarn Soi 53, Open daily 9:30am-1pm

5. Burmese Noodles (ขนมจีนพม่า)

Hidden in the small Burmese community in Phra Khanong, this tiny shophouse is habitually swarmed by Burmese ladies from the neighborhood. At the entrance to Phra Khanong Market, turn left down a small alleyway packed with colorful clothing, and eventually you’ll find yourself in Little Burma. T-shirts, raw betel nuts and all manner of spices are just some of the goods on display. Not too far away is this well-known Burmese eatery, where you’ll be greeted by the smiling face of Dao Giri, the Nepalese-Burmese cook. Her most popular dish among Burmese and Thais alike is mohinga (Burmese cold rice noodles, B35). It’s cheap, tasty and served up in a matter of minutes.
Phra Khanong Market, Sukhumvit Rd. Open daily 8am-5pm

6. Rai Tiem Tan (ไร้เทียมทาน)

One for those with plenty of patience, this noodles (B35) and congee (B30) stall gets their queues confused and orders all mixed up, but really, we think you should invest some time to sample the delicious bowl of pork noodles served here—and you may well find yourself going back. The standout is their pork, which is cooked to be very moist and is served in both noodles and congee—both excellent. The portion is very small, though, so order big from the get-go.
Sri Ayutthaya Rd. (near Phayathai Hospital), 081-622-3153. Open Tue-Sun 6-10pm

7. Jay Yai (เจ๊ใหญ่)

Shining out from the dark street thanks to its fluorescent lighting, Jay Yai does guay jub (Chinese noodles) in both thick and clear broths. Those who like a herbal soup with a great aroma of Chinese star anise should opt for the thick option but, really, both are equally good. The moo krob is insanely delicious, too. It’s crispy and it doesn’t have that burnt aftertaste you sometimes get elsewhere. Trok Nawa, Tanao Rd., 089-226-8577. Open daily 4-9pm

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Top 6 Foods in Argentina

Argentina is known as the meat lover’s paradise. Thus, it is no wonder that the top ten Argentinean foods will include several delights for carnivores. For the vegetarians among you, options might be a bit more limited. But there’s always dessert to save the day! If you want to try some of these culinary delights, take a look on Expedia deals to find the best prices in Argentina.Read on to find out the specifics.


argentina foods

Asado literally means barbeque. Basically, it can entail any kind of meat to be grilled on the parrilla, meaning the barbeque grill. Especially during the summer, the asado becomes a communal event for family and friends to get together. Everyone contributes what he or she can, and there is usually one person in charge of actually grilling the meat. Others can contribute by setting the table, making a salad, etc. The sight can be quite a spectacle; it is not uncommon to see an entire lamb being grilled. Vegetarian options include grilling potatoes, corn and other vegetables

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